President Thomas' Blog: ASE 2012 Annual Scientific Sessions, National Harbor, Maryland Part 3

By James Thomas posted 07-13-2012 11:24

Sunday, July 1, 2012, ASE 2012, Day 2: Sunday was meetings, meetings and more meetings, including our international partners ECOSAIC (Latin American echo societies), China, and Japan. The afternoon brought the “official” ASE business meeting with the symbolic passing of the gavel from me to Patty Pellikka. We also were thrilled to hear Roberto Lang deliver the Edler Address outlining his great work in 3D echo.

After the business meeting was a whirlwind of receptions, starting with “appy” hour, where attendees could test out all the great apps that have been developed for ASE guidelines and other applications. We then went to the Foundation reception where Tom Ryan and the rest of the Foundation task force could thank our most generous donors. More importantly, the donors could witness the value of their generosity, as many of the sonographers and abstract presenters whose travel had been supported by ASEF were in attendance. I was especially moved by meeting Oleg Kerbikov, MD, a young echo researcher from Moscow. He told me that there was no way he could have presented his research, “Mobility of Symptomatic Plaque Core Exceeds Relative Motion of Plaque Cap and Base,” without support from the ASEF.

We ended the evening with a wonderful dinner with ASE delegates attending from China as well as Chinese-American attendees. Our hosts had done an admirable job scrambling to find a new site for the dinner when one of the rolling blackouts from the derecho knocked out power to the original venue. It was a great opportunity to discuss outreach opportunities in China with Yun Zhang, President of the Chinese Society of Echocardiography.
  Meeting with representatives from ECOSIAC:  Marcello Vieira (Brazil), Juan Carlos Plana (our ASE liaison to Latin America), Roberto Lang, Jim Thomas, Sanjiv Kaul, Ben Byrd, Neil Weissman (peeking out), Patty Pellikka, Jose Luis Pena (Brazil), Gustavo Restrepo (Colombia, President of ECOSIAC), Dr. Fisher (Brazil, partially covered), Oscar Sanchez Osella (Brazil), and Jorge Lowenstein (Argentina) 
   Meeting with delegates from China (L to R): Jianjun Yuan, Feng Xie (ASE liaison to China), Jim Thomas, Sanjiv Kaul, Ben Byrd, Patty Pellikka, Neil Weissman, Yun Zhang (President of Chinese Society of Echocardiography), Lixue Yin, Mingxing Xie.
   Meeting with delegates from the Japanese Society of Echocardiography: Taka Shiota (ASE liaison to Japan), Satoshi Nakatani, Kyoshi Yoshida (President of JSE), Patty Pellikka, Jim Thomas, Sanjiv Kaul, Ben Byrd.
   Sanjiv Kaul with Honorary FASE awardee Otto Smiseth from Norway.

Here I am with Honorary FASE recipient EAE Past-President Pepe Zamorano.


Here I am with Honorary FASE recipient Xin-Fang Wang when I was at the Great Wall Conference in Beijing last October.  Unfortunately, Dr. Wang was unable to attend this year’s ASE meeting to receive his plaque, but we hope to see him in Minneapolis next year.

   Dr. Wang is known as the “Feigenbaum of China.”  Here is a publication from 1964 (!) describing 2D ultrasound to define liver abscesses. (Got that, Sanjiv?)
   Roberto Lang and I with Jorge Lowenstein, who received Honorary FASE last year.  That pesky Chilean volcano kept him away from Montreal, and we were delighted to welcome him to ASE 2012.

Our Sonographer Educator of the Year, Debbie Agler from the Cleveland Clinic.


Pediatric Educator of the Year, Mary Etta King from Mass General Hospital.

   Popp Awardee Gerry Aurigemma from U Mass.  In addition to his superb fellow training, Gerry has chaired our ASCeXAM Review Course for a decade.
   Meritorious Achievement winner Ned Weyman.  Ned has done so much for the field and for ASE and provided the guiding vision for the ASCeXAM.
   Miguel Quinones, Lifetime Achievement winner.  Mike is truly a giant in the field, in no small part due to his dedication to ASE guideline development.
   And Roberto Lang, the 2012 Edler Lecturer.  I think Dr. Edler would have been quite proud and more than a little stunned to see how his shipyard A-mode echo has evolved into real-time 3D echo.
   Roberto Lang on the podium,
   And the passing of the gavel, as Patty Pellikka becomes the 23rd President of the American Society of Echocardiography
  After the business meeting, ASE staff hosted an “appy” hour where attendees could test drive all the great apps developed for Smart Phones and other media.  Here we are with Dr. and Mrs. Ravi Kasliwal with a friend of his. 
   After “appy” hour, we went to a donor reception to honor our most generous supporters.  Tom Ryan had a surprise up his sleeve: this beautiful heart-shaped wood carving, presented to this highest donor of the year…in this case, me!  Perhaps we should challenge future ASE Presidents to be sure that they win the prize in their year!
   Here I am with three of the Alan D. Waggoner Sonographer Travel grantees (L to R): Hemda Lewis, Richard Yannotta, and Jennifer Lasecki.
   And another example of the wonderful work that the Foundation does.  This is Oleg Kerbikov, a young cardiology researcher from Moscow.  He told me that there would have been no way for him to travel to ASE 2012 to present his work, “Mobility of Symptomatic Plaque Core Exceeds Relative Motion of Plaque Cap and Base”, without his travel grant from ASEF.  The meeting was better for his presence.
   After the donor reception, we quickly ran over to the Westin for a dinner with our Chinese and Chinese-American friends.  Here I am delivering greetings from ASE.

Yngvil and Tom Porter with Feng Xie, our ASE Liaison to China.  Feng has done such a wonderful job coordinating translation of our guidelines into Mandarin and guiding us through the complex politics of Chinese echocardiography.

   This is Dr. Yun Zhang, President of Chinese Society of Echocardiography,  Prof. of Medicine, Dean of  the Medical School, and Vice President of Shangdong  University.  He is our key ally in gaining traction in the Chinese echo community.
   Four Presidents: Patty Pellikka, Sanjiv Kaul, Tom Ryan, and Jim Thomas.

Here I am with two Chinese research fellows, Yali Xue, who is working in Patty Pellikka’s lab at Mayo, and Jia Liu, working with Feng Xie in Omaha.