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Councils and Specialty Interest Groups

ASE Councils bring together ASE members with similar professional interests and areas of expertise, providing a forum for networking, knowledge sharing, provide guidance to the ASE Board of Directors regarding subspecialty areas, help create educational offerings and guidance on standards of care to the Board and Guidelines and Standards Committee.


Specialty Interest Groups (SIGs) support our members who have interest in specialized areas with growth potential in cardiovascular ultrasound. SIGs bring together ASE members with similar professional interests and areas of expertise, providing a forum for networking, knowledge, sharing, and the development of SIG-specific programs and services within ASE.
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ASE's mission in advocacy is to represent the interests of our members, while advocating to create an environment for excellence in the quality and practice of cardiovascular ultrasound.

Ask a coding expert, receive advocacy alerts, and take advantage of the annual coding and reimbursement newsletter and updates. 

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ASE Learning Hub

ASE strives to provide opportunities for enhancement of knowledge and skills of cardiovascular ultrasound professionals through its educational program.

The ASE Learning Hub includes online CME, including prerecorded webcasts, articles, and live webinars. This online store also includes conference recordings from past Scientific Sessions and ASCeXAM/ReASCE Review Courses, as well as a plethora of educational products and resources for your lab such as textbooks, guideline posters, and more.

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Fellow of the American Society of Echocardiography

The Fellow of the American Society of Echocardiography (FASE) recognizes members with an extraordinary commitment to the field of cardiovascular ultrasound.


Echo practitioners of all specialty types who demonstrate proficiency and dedication to the field of cardiovascular ultrasound may apply for FASE.
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ASE Foundation

The ASE Foundation is ASE's charitable arm, helping to assure the viability and visibility of cardiovascular ultrasound.


The Foundation was created in 2003 to fund initiatives, like scholarships and guidelines-based projects, not supported by membership dues. You are invited to play a role in the future of cardiovascular ultrasound and become a supporter of the ASE Foundation. Monies raised through the Annual Appeal support Global Health Outreach, Patient Engagement, Research, and Travel Grants & Scholarships.

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ImageGuideEcho Registry

The ImageGuideEcho Registry is the nation's first echo-specific clinical data registry. The Registry provides the framework to support a community of cardiology labs committed to patient-centered imaging, patient safety, improving outcomes, practice transformation, and innovation through ongoing data collection and quality improvement.

Having all echo data in one seamless interface in cooperation with our registry vendor ARMUS allows for new insights to be generated which allows easy recognition and quality gaps and facilitates targeted quality improvement. If you institution uses ARMUS for other registries, you will be able to generate insights utilizing data across those registries and include echo data using the ImageGuideEcho Registry.

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