Connect with your Patients During Heart Month!

By Allan Klein posted 02-09-2017 16:39


I wanted to share an example of an interview from the Cleveland Clinic’s “Weekly Scoop” supporting Heart Month.  Other members may want to reach out to their patients in this manner.

5 Questions with Allan Klein, MD

Author: Employee Communications/Wednesday February 1, 2017

That's what our Center for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Pericardial Disease program is for our patients with pericarditis an inflammation of the thin fluid-filled sac that covers the surface of the heart.

"It's a comprehensive program," says Allan Klein, MD, the program's director. When patients visit Cleveland Clinic, they can see a pericardial specialist (pericardiologist), rheumatologist, cardiac surgeon as well as draw bloods for inflammation, have advanced imaging tests and most everything they may need in one trip. Patients flock from around the country for this unique center of excellence."

The disease can be extremely painful. When patients breathe, they may be in the fetal position because it hurts so badly. Dr. Klein assesses and treats these patients with anti-inflammatories so they can get back to life, without the severe pain.

How can we treat this illness?
Advanced imaging, including echo and cardiac MRI, can tell us the severity of the inflammation. Based on this imaging guided approach, we treat with multiple medications that are gradually weaned. I treated an accountant in his 30s who came into the office crying. The disease was debilitating. He was unable to work and the pain was impacting his family relationships. After time, he recovered. Ten months after treatment, he sent me a photo of him finishing a half marathon. Now that's a recovery.

What are some of your interests outside the Cleveland Clinic?
I'm currently President of the American Society of Echocardiography, the largest cardiovascular imaging society (17,000 members). I serve as an ambassador for excellence in cardiovascular ultrasound and connect with the world's experts. Recently, I've traveled to Thailand, South Korea, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic and Australia, and I'm going to Japan soon.

Where are are you from?
I grew up in Montreal and can speak French. Cleveland is my Florida - the most southern place I've ever lived. Cleveland is the best kept secret -   it's very affordable and there's so much to do.


How do you balance work and your family?(pictured left)

Time management is key. I get up early, work late. I love my wife and three children. My daughter is a finance manager at Cleveland Clinic. One son will soon begin as a pediatric cardiology fellow at Cleveland Clinic. And my other son who recently graduated college, produces video games in Silicon Valley.

February is Heart Month. How do you keep your heart happy and healthy?

I've been fit my whole life and do every sport I can. I play ice hockey and have been skating since I was four years old. I also enjoy spinning, walking and hiking in the Cleveland Metroparks. I have a Fitbit and an Apple Watch to keep track of my activity. And I encourage that in my family as well. Life is good!

Allan Klein, MD

Department: Cardiovascular Medicine

Locations: Main Campus

Twitter: @AllanLKleinMD1

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