iMEX - Imaging Mexico

By Neil Weissman posted 08-03-2014 07:15

I just got back from a wonderful meeting (in a wonderful place) and wanted to share it with you.

ASE is rapidly becoming an international organization (about 15% of our members are outside the US) and as such, our members are often involved in CV Imaging meetings throughout the world.  As your new president, I was very proud to represent ASE (and have ASE associated with) the Global Congress of Echo and CV Imaging by SONECOM (Sociedad Nacional de Ecocardiografia de Mexico).  Check out the  video by course director Hugo Valaquez Moreno on YouTube at:

This 4 day meeting had a 'who's who' of experts.  During the opening ceremony, I was sitting on the stage with the president-elect of the ACC, president-elect from European Assoc of CV Imaging, president of the Chinese echo society and editor of JACC Imaging.  The faculty was also excellent with great talks on a variety of subject.

Talking about great speakers, below I continued the selfie tradition!  Judy Hung (past chair of the ASE Scientific Sessions in 2013 and current chair of the Education Committee) and Federico Asch (chair of ASE Guidelines and Standards) gave outstanding lectures in the same session as me and chaired by Carlos Ixcamparu Rosales.  To mark the occasion, we took a selfie - Judy's first!


And of course, another great part about going to these meetings is to meet up and spend some time with friends over a meal.  So, in recognition of the originator of the ASE President Blog, Jim Thomas (who loved to post pictures of food), here is the tallest steak I ever ate: