Echo Nagpur and Live Humanitarian Mission

By Neil Weissman posted 08-08-2014 23:08

I am writing you from the 'Orange City' - want to guess where I am?  No, not someplace in Florida.  Southern California hanging with the 'Real Housewives' of Orange County....NO, definitely not southern California!! 

I am half way across the world in the Orange City of India!!!


Endorsed by American Society of Echo, Echo Nagpur 2014, is a hands-on and case-based echo course that I had the pleasure of being part of this weekend.  Course directors (and active ASE members) Drs. Shantanu Sengupta, JC Mohan and Mahesh Fulwani did a great job.  ASE was well represented with faculty members Bijoy Khanderia (past president), Partho Sengupta (Board member), David Adams (recipient of sonographer lifetime achievement award) and Jayne Cleve (sonographer from Duke,  humanitarian volunteer and author of a great July JASE Sonographer blue page 'Giving Back, Life Beyond the Echo Lab')  


Next week, several of the ASE members are headed over to Bangalore for ASEF's third humanitarian mission in India - and you're invited! Join our onsite team, for live broadcasts highlighting cases from among those being performed in patients with known rheumatic heart disease. Expert physicians located in the United States, including Drs. Thomas Ryan, Roberto Lang, Patricia Pellikka, and JamesThomas will provide commentary and engage in discussion with participants. Visit the ASEF Values page and the YouTube video below for more information.


 Watch here to learn more.