• June Sonographer of the Month - Paul Braum, BS, RDCS, RCS, RVT, ACS, FASE

  • May Sonographer of the Month - Amy Dillenbeck, MS, RDCS, FASE

  • April Sonographer of the Month- Bharat Patel, RDCS, RVS, RDMS, FASE

  • March Sonographer of the Month- Allen Borowski, RDCS, FASE

  • February Sonographer Volunteer of the Month - Rick Meece, ACS, RDCS, RCIS, FASE

    The February Sonographer Volunteer of the Month is Rick Meece, ACS, RDCS, RCIS, FASE.

  • January Sonographer Volunteer of the Month- Neha Soni-Patel

    The January Sonographer Volunteer of the Month is Neha Soni-Patel, BS, RDCS, FASE from Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital.

  • ASE Proud to Announce the Launch of a New Case Reports Journal – CASE

    You asked for a case reports journal for cardiovascular imaging, and we listened. CASE, an online, open-access, case reports journal was launched this week. ASE leadership recognized the importance of producing a journal to meet the needs of the medical community by providing timely, practical information on the challenges that face clinicians daily in delivering optimum patient care through efficient and effective diagnostic testing.

    Submissions are now being accepted, with the first issue planned for early 2017. The fees associated with accepted papers are $550 for ASE members which is deeply discounted from the $800 fee for nonmembers.

  • Call for Officers and Board Nominations is Now Open

    ASE is seeking the best and the brightest members to move forward the mission and goals of the Society. Now is your opportunity to become a leader in ASE. If you are an active member and meet the criteria outlined on the nominations page, ask a friend or colleague to submit a nomination on your behalf. All positions are open to any member specialty (physician, sonographer, anesthesiologist, etc.)

    The process is easy. Candidates need to have one letter of nomination, up to three letters of support from active members that outline the candidate’s leadership abilities, a current CV, a 1-2 page personal vision statement, completion of a brief online self-assessment survey, and a completed conflict of interest/disclosure form.

    The deadline for submission of nominations is Friday, October 21, 2016.

  • Vote for Your Favorite Echo Images Today

    Thank you to everyone who submitted images for the ASE 2017 Image Calendar Competition. Now it is time to vote for your favorite images to be featured in a colorful, 12-month calendar. Submission is still open, but voting has begun. Help your friends and colleagues win by voting today. The last date to vote is September 16.

    To vote for your favorite echo images:

    1. Browse the images uploaded in the ASE 2017 Calendar Contest Image Library.
    2. Under the “Statistics” on the right, select “Actions,” then select “Add to Favorites”
    3. Designate “Favorite” for as many images as you would like.

    If you have any questions, please contact ASE at

  • Submit Your Images for the 2017 Image Calendar Contest by August 12

    ASE is excited to announce that the Image Calendar Competition is back for 2017! The image competition winners will be featured in a colorful, 12-month calendar that will be given to all members who renew by December 31, 2016. The deadline for image submission is Friday, August 12 to allow voting to begin on August 16. Voting closes Friday, September 16.

    To upload your images, head to the ASE 2017 Calendar Contest Library on Connect@ASE:
    1. Login to Connect@ASE using your username (email address) and password.
    2. Using the top navigation, scroll to Libraries.
    3. Click on Image Library.
    4. Click on the folder called ASE 2017 Calendar Contest.
    5. Click "new" under Folder Contents on the right hand side of the menu and upload your image. Image files need to be no larger than 30 MB.
    6. You are able to upload as many images as you would like.